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I love looking at it, currently I am working on your pattern in poppyland, is there and easy way on working on this,I am finding the back of my work is not as neat as it could be, because of all the colours, I started on pg 50. Looking forward to hearing from you.  I am also looking for a pattern for " the Battle of Grunwald" its a painting by Matejko

I have the picture but it is very large and I dont know that I can get enough detail no matter how large I make it


Beautifully detailed patterns!  Plenty of colors to give each picture the depth of an oil painting.  Do you use blends of colors in the patterns too? 

I do use blends sometimes usually on faces bu the pattern is alwasy available without the blends for those who do not want to use them


Whenever I work on a pattern from Classic, I am truly in stitcher's heaven.

Hello, I'm very impressed with the selection and variety of patterns. As a fan of traditional christmas pieces I have been searching for a tree skirt I once saw with the five traditional Saint Nicholas' on it and was hoping to find it here. Nevertheless I loved what I did find and am quite inspired by your work. I'm also curious as to how you go about making your patterns

If you take the Tour of a pattern it will give some detail on how I make the patterns I would like to say it is easy but it isn't and going over each pattern stitch by sticth can sometimes take a long time. Each pattern usually takes several days of work before it is ready and I am always refining the design Each time I sell a pattern I may have remade it to make it better and more realistic.


These designs are AMAZING!!! I really would like to try one, but I'm a little worried about taking on something of this magnitude... Still, utterly fantastic!

Try one of the free designs that is what they are thre for


I have been cross stitching for 30+ years, and of course started out with the with kits that have a ton of backstitching. But now, I've been looking hunting websites for months for that one chart to truly show off my skill.  And I found it with one of yours, on your membership page the first one for this quarter, the ocean scene.  I've been hunting for that perfact chart that just screams I'm the one! Can't wait until I can order it.  Your fast response to questions is great and really appricated. 


Are these patterns a "duplicate" of some famous paintings? They are the most authentic patterns I have seen.

The patterns are all duplicates of famous paintings remake into cross stitch patterns


  A finished product of one of your patterns defines the word heirloom.


Hello to Cross Stitch Design. I am delighted to be one of your guest as I was grateful for your free designs... You had a very nice site and keep it up.thanks and more power to your site.


thank you Elaine, I am very excited to get started. You have beautiful designs offered. 

I have never ordered a pattern so I am not sure about the sizes if a pattern was 245 x 375 stitches and was done on 14 count aida fabric. what size would the cross stitch turn out to be?
Finding out the finished size of a pattern is easy just divide the number of stitches by the count of the fabric you are using in this case 245/14 = 17.5 inches and 375/14 = 26.7 inches so the finished size of the pattern is 17.5 x 26.7 inches. You would need to add your selvedge (about 3 inches per side) so you would neded to purchase a piece of fabric that is 17.5 +3+3 = 23.5 by 26.7 +3+3 = 32.7 inches to fit your pattern


. I enjoyed visitng your site very much!!


This is one of the most beautiful pattern sites I have surfed and believe me I have been around the world in cross stitch. Some sites I could not read the language but still interesting. Your patterns are simply remarkable and I have one question how long does it take to cross stitch one of your patterns if you pick it up each day for an hour or two. Good luck with your site.

If you do it for an hour or two every day You should finish a pattern in about eighteen months


like your site


I happened upon your website after searching crafts stores in my area for patterns and could find none I liked. I am interested in having the free pattern sent to me. I read the information on your page and wanted to make sure I understand correctly. The price given is JUST for the intruction sheet. Thread is NOT included, correct? By the way, your patterns are absolutely gorgeous.

All free patterns must be downloaded from the web pages. I can no longer send them out by email. All my patterns do not include anything but the pattern


A few questions before I make the move to purchase a chart. Are the charts regular cross stitch or do they include 1/2 or 1/4 cross stitch? And I find with some of the charts they are in small print. Do yours come with a bigger print, especially for one' older tired eyes? Any other points you might make would be appreciated

All my charts are full stitches some of the charts will have blended thread especially if there are people in the picture. Most of my charts are made in a large size ( 7 sttiches to the inch) some of the very large size have the print size reduced (8 stitches to the inch) Most of my charts come with three patterns if downloaded a black symbols on a white background , Coloured symbols and colured blocks with a black symbol on the colour. If I print the pattern you only get the black and white pattern.


This is the first time I have had an opportunity to visit your web page. I had shoulder surgery in April and am just getting back into stitching. I love your fall piece. Thanks for letting me visit.


hello , You have an verry nice site


Great website! Bookmarked! I am impressed at your work!


Best site I see. Thanks.


Very good site. Thanks for author!


I'm really impressed!


Your patterns are absolutely beautiful. I have never seen such wonderful cross stitch patterns. I plan to order in the future.


Absolutely loved your site!


A most interesting and well arranged assortment of patterns and designs. I was beside myself of the number of patterns that you have to offer. Very nice.


Your web-site is beautiful, I enjoy it very much.


Just found your website by browsing. Never thought that I would find a pattern for a Welsh Terrier. Also think the Yorkie is realistic. I will try one to see if the actual pattern is as good as the picture. If so, I will be back for more.


I found your site on the web when I was searching for someting different to stitch. What a surprise when I found your site.I'm just a beginner in cross-stitching and I'm already thinking of doing one of your patern. They are so beautiful and so different of the usuely one I fin in store and in the web. I don't know yet witch one I'll do but what is sure is the before the end onf the year I'll be stitching one of yours. Maybe I'm crazy but I LOVE your works and I even show my friends your site. They already ask me to do one for them.


Your site and patterns are wonderful. Please keep supplying the detail and excellency that is offered at this website. I have recently purchased "The Fury" and was very pleased with the quality of the pattern.

Never have I seen such superb patterns. As an artist and a needleworker, finding your site was an exquisite pleasure! I have narrowed my selections down to 10 and will work to get them down to 1 or 2, then send in my order. What a wonderful collection of choices! Thank you for putting together some of the best of the masters


Fascinating website! Especially the history of cross stitch and your magnificent patterns!


Good afternoon, you have some beautiful work on your site, question, can I do needle point for these canvass, and not cross-stitch

My patterns can be done in needlepoint petit point and hooked rugs as well as cross stitch


I found your site by looking for advanced cross stitch patterns that are free. What a great surprise. I only wish that I could afford to order some of your charts at this time. I too, have been cross stitching for several years. I took it up when I was in bed with my child, he is now 17 and I am still stitching. I find it to be very calming to me in the evenings. I am currently working on a map of the Outerbanks, NC for my husband who loves anything to do with the sea and lighthouses


How often do you change your free pattern selection?

my free selection changes about every 6 - 12 months

One of these days, will treat myself to one of your patterns, I especially love your florals and I really loved the Promenade picture.


Love your site! your interpretations are teriffic! Not only do you give us beatiful art renditions, you give us other important information about framing and, about taking care of our precious peices that we work so hard on. I will be looking forward to purchasing your charts. Thank you for the freebes!


I have just clicked into your website and was thrilled to see your embroidered picture called SPRINGTIME. My husband and I have a print of this framed on our bedroom wall where we admire it every night. Until this evening we did not even know the name of it and certainly never thought of it as an embroidery. What a beautiful and mammoth task it must have been and how rewarding. My best effort so far is "The Last Supper" small in comparison.


I am Awestruck and thrilled by your designs.


Um, haye, it's a very nicely done up website, it reminds me of my snug and cosy home hee... so keep it up and I'm really looking forward to your next masterpieces

Your site is wonderful, wonderful. I plan to read it carefully.


Hi!!! I was just on your website and I wanted to tell you that the pictures you have posted are beautiful


I have been doing counted cross stitch for sometime but I have never seen such beautiful pictures like you have on your website. I actually haven't tried a big project yet but I'm looking into doing one Again, I want to say that all your pictures are beautiful and I hope that when I do my first "Big" project they turn out as good as yours have.


You have such a lovely website. The cross stitch designs are amazing!


I must say it contains a huge resource material.


I found your web site and I must say I dearly love the patterns you have. I love doing the larger pictures and the more detailed the better. This is what leads me to my question. When you create your patterns, what type of stitches are typically in the patterns?

The patterns are done with whole stitches and are suitable for cross stitch petit point needlepoint rug hooking some patterns have some suggested backstitching (eg rigging on boats etc.)but the can be done without it and will look fine without it )


I particularly love the realistic"ness" of your pictures, especially the elephant. I will definitely be getting that one first.


WOWWWW!!!! I am awed by your website, Elaine. I have been cross-stitching since I remember and find myself bored by the usual kits and patterns that can be found in craft stores. I was so excited to find this website that I called three people to tell them (none of them are stitchers so they probably thought I was losing my mind). Lately I have been working on Teresa Wentzler patterns since they are challenging, although they sometimes contain too many specialty stitches and hardanger, which I'm no good at.


Now my "problem" is twofold: 1) I'm in the middle of a project but am so excited to try one of yours that I'm afraid the current one is just going to be set aside forever and 2)I'm having the hardest time imaginable trying to decide which one to order first from your site.


So, Elaine, thank you for creating this wonderful website!!! I will be placing an order as soon as I make a decision. It could be a while because I keep going back and forth between about a dozen!! I know the project will take me well over a year (or possibly two!) so I want to choose carefully.


Thank you again and kudos on a job well-done!


Your web site is wonderful-after I become a more accomplished cross-stitcher I will be ordering your wonderful patterns.

The patterns are not hard to do and can be done by anyone from beginner to advanced stitcher


Beautifull, amazing, very very good. Thank you for that page


You have got some wonderful charts and I will certainly be returning to purchase some when I can decide which ones I want!!


I am amazed by the detail you are able to get out of your cross stitch. I never knew that kind of detail was available. I am looking forward to trying one of the free patterns first before I purchase.

A wonderful site with beautiful patterns. Have taken advantage of your free patern of Persian Cat. Looking forward to many hours of work on this striking picture.


Fabulous Website with really great details required.


Your site is the best site of crossstitch i´ve seen. Congratulations from Brazilian enthusiastic of crossstitch!


thanks for what you have done. It is a great pleasure to look at you website and I was hoping as to see more of Flowers in your free patterns.

Answer the free patterns are a sampling of what is available in the regular patterns and often include a flower pattern


at the moment yours has been the best site that I have visited yet. I do a lot of crossstitch and as you know decent kits are very pricey very well done keep on going.

Hi, im really glad I found your site, it's wonderful. They're all beautiful. I just hope I could place an order but I am from the Philippines and I am not earning well to be able to. Thank you very much for giving out free patterns. Your works are amazing!!!