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For those who have been here before you will notice the patterns and pricing have changed. I have been busy updating all the older patterns and am now charging by the size category of the pattern

Price A is $25, Price B is $35, Price C is $43, Price D is $75


Printing and mailing a pattern instead of downloading is no longer normally available due to the high cost of mailing patterns it will be done on an individual basis at an added extra cost.

Printing and Mailing cost for all patterns will be quoted at the time of ordering


The price of each pattern is marked along with the stitch count and the number of colours used in the pattern under the small picture of each pattern. You can acces the larger image by clicking on the small image


If you wish to join the club then you may add the cost of your membership ($40 U.S.) to your order and take advantage of membership pricing

CCS Membership Club If you belong to the CCS Membership Club use your membership number and take 10% off each pattern price or

get 3 patterns for the price of 2 or 10 patterns for the price of 6.

The patterns on the Free Patterns page must be downloaded from the free patterns page linkup. In special circumstances it may be possible to give you a different upload page for the pattern but

under no circumstanceswill the pattern be printed and mailed


All the patterns come with a front cover sheet listing the size of the finished pattern on several sizes of fabric (14, 16, 18, 22, 25, 30), a full colour picture of the pattern, a list of the colours needed for the pattern, a symbol sheet, a breakdown of the amount of thread needed for each colour, and a sheet of general directions and tips.Downloaded patterns have a black and white pattern, a colour symbols pattern and a coloured blocks pattern.

 Most pattern sheets have are made at 7 rows to the inch which gives you 50 rows across and 70 rows down with an overlap of 2 stitches and are very easy to read (a 200 x 300 pattern would have 24 pattern sheets) . The thread breakdown sheet is only a guide to the amount of thread used and is done on 14 count fabric using 2 strands of thread

Select between the two shipping methods:

By download

We send the patterns directly to a download page and email you the address as soon as we are notified of or recieve the payment

the download page is available for 10 days .

This is the quickest method. You will receive your patterns within 24 hours of payment being received.


Prices are lower when you select this shipping method! The pattern will be delivered in PDF format

You need Acroabat Reader to open the patterns properly. If you do not have the latest version of Acrobat Reader, you can go here get adobe reader to download the free software reader for the pattern.

full instructions are emailed with the pattern.

By regular mail.

Prices are higher to partially cover the cost of paper, printing and the very high cost of mailing your pattern, but you do not have to do any printing yourself. We try to send all patterns out by airmail but we reserve the right to use regular mail on large patterns or when the mailing cost is very high. The cost of printing and mailing at this time is $17 per pattern in North America and $20 per pattern every where else

If you have ordered coloured patterns and are having them mailed the cost of printing the coloured patterns will be added onto the tolal when the confirmation email is sent. The extra price is $0.75 per sheet and the Total cost will depend on the number of printed sheets in the pattern that you have ordered.

N B. You should not pay anything until you get the confirmation email from us! All prices listed on this site are in US-dollars

You can take a tour of one our patterns by clicking the green button here tour patternof


Payment can be made using one of the following methods:

By credit card useing the PayPal payment service. Go here  paypal   to sign up.

Note that no credit-card information will ever be sent to this site (in the order form or elsewhere) and the information is never seen by us. We do not have the facilities to handle credit cards ourselves so please do not ask. If you choose this payment method you will receive a seperate email with a personal link into the highly secure PayPal site where your credit card information is processed. Click the logo above for more information about PayPal:

By sending us a bank draft, or money order. Our mailing address is included in the order confirmation email.



Shipping guarantee All orders are shipped as quickly as possible. Patterns are normally shipped within two business days of receiving payment.

After sending the order, you will get a confirmation email back with the total price (We will deduct any applicable discounts ) and send you instructions on where and how to pay. The confirmation email will be sent to you within 48 hours .If you do not recieve the confirmation email then your order has not gone through. You may e-mail the information to me at elaine@classiccrossstitch.com or reorder the pattern(s) using the order page

Please note that all prices are in US Dollars.


Order Page

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